Animal Protection

Animal Protection

Spende Hof Butenland

Animal protection at Sperling

With the use of natural cork, we are already working an alternative to animal leather.
However, we would also like to make an active contribution to animal protection and
therefore cooperate with the Foundation for Animal Protection Hof Butenland.

For every product sold. we donate the daily feed ration to a cow living on the farm.

Animal welfare on Butenland farm

The animal protection foundation Hof Butenland is a life yard for the animals. Around 100 of them currently live on the farm in Butjadingen, which is located in Lower Saxony and in existence since 2007. In addiction to chicken, horses or pigs, cows find their home here.

Hof Butenland’s mission is to raise awareness of the wildlife. The team around the founders Jan Gerdes and Karin Mück, therefore, takes in animals that have been tortured or would not be able to survive without human help. They affectionately refer to their work as “cow-rest-home”.

The animal residents – formerly often dairy cows, fattening calves, or experimental cows – live a self-determined life on the farm. Here, their freedom is returned to them.

“Animals do not belong to us”

In Germany, around four million cows are kept as dairy cows. It is common knowledge that the conditions under which they live there do generally not have much to do with their natural life in freedom. Therefore, people on Hof Butenland work there to ensure that we meet the animals at eye level. They should not be used as a means for our needs, because these animals do not belong to us.

Hof Butenland Patenschaft

Our cooperation with Hof Butenland

We think that the “cow-rest-home” project needs to be supported.

The daily work with the animals never ends and requires a lot of money in addition to a lot of idealism. We would like to make our contribution here!

For every Sperling product sold – whether backpack, wallet or key chain– we donate 1 €. This amount can be used to cover the daily feed ration of a cow living on the farm.

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